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Whether you're a small startup or a multi-national corporation, we can provide the engineering manpower to get your project done and on time. Our electronics engineering expertise ranges from analog/digital hardware design to pure software projects. We can take your product from inception through design, PCB layout, packaging, and final documentation, or assist on subtasks within a group design effort. No task is too small or trivial for us to handle.

Design Services:

  1. Embedded Microcontroller Hardware/Firmware design.
  2. Firmware coding in C or Assembler for all 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers.
  3. Analog Design, A/D circuits, sensor interfaces.
  4. Embedded Web Server, Mail, and Ethernet Bridges.
  5. Software applications for Windows or Linux Platforms.
  6. Dynamic HTML, Page Design, Javascript, or cgi under Perl or Java.
  7. PCB Layout and Optimization.
  8. Pre-Production manufacturing, Board Stuffing, and Test.
  9. Hardware Packaging, Enclosures, Power Supplies.

We can provide design services on a per hour basis or project-based with defined deliverables. We can work at your site, in our design lab, or a combination of the two. Please call us today for a no obligation quote on your project or invention.

Advantages to using a Contract Engineer:

  1. Handle additional work loads without impact of existing projects.
  2. Increase Manpower on a temporary basis and during hiring freezes.
  3. Recover from slipping project schedules.
  4. Eliminate costs and time of hiring full time employees.

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