Isn't it time to move to a printed circuit board?

You've created a cool electronic device. It's sitting on a breadboard or hand-wired Vector board. You need to move it to a printed circuit board. You might need only 1 or perhaps 10 or 20 because you think you can sell it to other people. Maybe you don't have time to solder the components, maybe you do. On top of that, you're a hobbyist on a DIY budget. No matter what you need, I'm the guy who can help you get there.

Here's what I do

I do all assembly by hand. This means you don't pay a dime for tooling, pick and place programming, stencils, or anything else. You price per board includes everything with no extra charges.

I don't like a lot of SMD. If your board is 90% SMD and maybe a few through-hole connectors, go somewhere else. I don't want your business. On the other hand, if your board is all or mostly through-hole with maybe an SOIC or 1206 component here or there, no problem. A word of advice for low quantity projects- Stick with through-hole components wherever you can because you easily make a few boards yourself if need be.

For board assembly, you can either send me components or I'll buy them for you. I only buy from authorized distributors. I usually use Mouser or Digikey and some others for hard to find items. I DO NOT mark up component costs. You pay exactly what I spend and you get a copy of the distributors invoice to prove it. I do have some standard and common components on hand at discount prices.

I don't have an "Instant Online Quote" thing. Just send me an email of what you're looking for and we'll talk on the phone or do follow-up emails to get you a quote. On average, I can do around $0.06 per hole on assembly. So to get a ballpark estimate, count up the component leads and multiply by 6 cents.

I'm okay with quantity 1 or 2 orders. I do that a lot. If you need higher volumes, 100 pcs is the limit. If you need more than that, then go someplace else. Since all assembly is done by hand, you really don't save much on quantity. But the good news is that one or two boards won't cost you an arm and a leg because there are no up front tooling charges.

I normally do 2-layer boards, in sizes less than 6 x 10 inches. I can do 4-layer boards and larger sizes, but it's not my core business. My target market is individuals who need Arduino Shields or custom microcontroller boards and the like. I've been an electronics engineer for 35 years, so if you need help designing your project (either hardware or firmware), that's no problem.

The minimum board quantity from my fab houses is 5 boards. It's okay if you only need 1 or 2 assembled, you'll still get the extra blank boards mailed to you. If you don't need assembly at all, I'll be glad to design your board or just get them made for you from your gerbers.

I don't do non-US work anymore. Shipping charges to countries vary so much I wind up losing money. If you're in the USA or it's territories (if you have a zip code) I'll gladly work with you.

Send me email to get started. If you can, include any applicable documents and tell me what you need. I'll get back to you quickly.


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